Saturday, August 05, 2006

Paranoid lunacy from Ha'aretz

Well if the Guardian once gave a comment slot to Osama Bin Laden, then I suppose Ha'aretz is entitle to give a slot to this guy.

'Now we are in the midst of the storm. The second Lebanon war sometimes looks like a repeat of the past, but in truth it is the flash of the future. An Iranian Cuba was established on our northern border. If the Iranian Cuba is not disarmed, it will threaten us continuously and intolerably. However, our present effort to disarm the Iranian Cuba looks more and more like the Bay of Pigs fiasco.'

It has been obvious for some years that many Americans (mainly in Congress) are under the strange misapprehension that they live in Israel. It now seems that many Israelis are under the equally strange misapprehension that they live in the United States, or, even more interestingly, that Israel is actually a part of the United States. Just as, therefore, the terrified masses of the US live in fear of the inevitably onslaught from Castro's mighty military machine, it now seems that Israelis now live in fear of the massed hordes of Hizbollah, which has well over 3,000 fighters. Over 3,000! Just imagine. That's as many as demonstrated in favour of Iceland in May! In the demonstration that shook the world! Frightening stuff.


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