Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why secular democrats should support Hizbollah.........

Ermm....ok not the most intuitive of headlines but bear with me. The question: why should secular, non anti-semitic non-nationalists support an anti-semitic extremist party like Hizbollah, at least in the current conflict? The answer is not simple, but makes sense. When you think it through.

'If Hezbollah can fight Israel to a standstill or withstand its bombardment with much of its weaponry intact, it will be strengthened within the Lebanese political establishment.
Ironically that will allow the Saniora government -- no real friend to Hezbollah -- to push Israel and the United States for a comprehensive agreement between the various parties, which could include the release of prisoners and an Israeli withdrawal from Chebaa farms, a tiny strip of land captured from Syria in 1967, but which Hezbollah and Berri say are occupied Lebanese land. The territory is often cited by Hezbollah as proof that Lebanon is still occupied and that Hezbollah's resistance wing is still necessary.
With such a deal in hand, the interrupted political process of transitioning Hezbollah to a mainstream political party could continue, its dignity intact and its mission to liberate all of Lebanon completed.

If Hezbollah is defeated, however, any deal -- which almost certainly would include the disarmament of Hezbollah as called for in United Nations' Security Council Resolution 1559 -- will be seen as being imposed by outsiders and would threaten Saniora's government by allowing Hezbollah to paint it as a puppet in the service of Lebanon's enemies. '

So: if Hizbollah wins we have at least the chance of a just fair peace on the Lebanon/Israeli border, the disarmament of Hizbollah (remember the message of the IRA disarmament: paramilitary groups will only disarm from a position of strength) and peace in the region. If Israel wins on the other hand we have the possibility of civil war, and the increased possibility of a wider conflagration in the region. It's as simple as that.

All true friends of Israel should be hoping and praying that Israel 'loses' (i.e. does not win) in this battle, or the next stage will be even less pleasant.


At 7:58 AM, Blogger abb1 said...

Why secular democrats should support Hizbollah.

Isn't it a crime or close to a crime to write something like this? I mean, with Hezbollah being officially recognized as a terrorist organization and all.

I wrote something similar in a comment in some blog, and now I'm not so sure it was a good idea.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Brendan said...

yes.....maybe I will be arrested.

Incidentally, apparently in a recent talk show (or somesuch) 'Mad' Melanie Philips opined that attacks on civilians in Palestine were completely justified because 'the Palestinan population' 'voted for Hamas' (all of them, apparently) and so, they were all terrorists and yada yada yada. Given that this is simply the definition of terrorism one could also argue that Mad Mel should be under arrest, but that law only seems to apply to people such myself and you.


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