Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The epic battle begins

And now, the epic battle of 2008 (2009? 2010?) begins, and at last we can see what the sides will be. Sunni versus Shia. Or, to put it another way: Saudi Arabia versus Iran. Backing the anti-semitic, woman hating Saudi dictatorship: Israel, the US, Hariri Incorporated, the other little US client states of the region (Jordan, UAE, etc.). On the other side: Syria, Hizbollah, (most of) Iraq, Iran and Shias everywhere.

Sharp eyed readers (ha!) will no doubt see that this new prediction goes part of the way to explain why I was so far off in my belief that the last Israeli invasion of Lebanon would end in occupation. The answer: it didn't but the next one might.

The prize for victory: control over the entire middle east, and world oil supplies. Watching from the sidelines: China, India, South American (especially Venezuela and Brazil), Russia.


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