Monday, January 22, 2007

Now I have hopefully got the comments sorted (I had the settings wrong...apologies for anyone who couldn't post) time for more news from hell....

But oh gosh and oh golly where to begin? With the stunning insight that Bush's 'surge' will make things worse? (Gee d'you think?) With increasing rumours of war with Iran? With the ongoing disintegration of the democracy of Lebanon? With the return of 'extremists' to power in Serbia? (Note: 'extremist nationalists' are only ever voted in to power in countries 'we' don't like. Did anyone ever describe extremist nationalist George Bush as an extremist nationalist?). Or should we highlight the news that our loyal ally Pakistan is perhaps aiding the Afghanistan insurgency? (Never forget that in the eyes of the clever white boys at the Guardian, every single one of these insurgents is a card carrying member of the Taliban. None of them have girlfriends, and they all hate gays. How do they know this and you do not? Well because they are obviously whiter and cleverer than you).

But no. I think I should greet the new year with the news that 'the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff thanked Colombia's leaders here yesterday for using their country's long experience in its counter-drug effort to help the Afghan government fight a similar battle.... Pace said Colombia has set a model for countering drug trafficking and narcoterrorism that could work for Afghanistan, too.

Under that model, Colombia's armed forces have cleared specific areas of terrorists, and the government has followed in those areas with projects that have brought electricity, water and jobs to the people, Pace said.

Well what more do you want to know? Obviously 'we' will defeat 'Islamism' in the same way 'we' defeated drugs. Remember when people used to take drugs? Back before 'we' won the war on drugs?

Or perhaps we could use as a model Bush's war on evolution by natural selection? And when Bush won that then everything stopped evolving. Any colds or viruses you might think you have suffered from since then are nothing but a figment of your Communo-Islamist imagination. This will be the model that takes us to victory. Onwards and downwards. Semper fi. Thank you and goodnight.


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