Thursday, February 08, 2007

Israelis retaliate after attack by Lebanese Army

Aren't subeditors great? Read this article

'Israeli tanks shelled Lebanese Army positions late last night after coming under fire as they joined an operation to comb the border area for explosive devices placed by Hizbollah guerrillas.

The Israel Defence Forces said early today that an engineering force had been searching for further devices after finding four along the border on Monday, when it came under fire from Lebanese Army units.

It said that the Lebanese units had fired warning shots towards IDF forces operating within Israeli sovereign territory, though north of the perimeter fence, despite an official warning to the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon [Unifil] that it would be conducting a sweep of the area.

The IDF said that despite warnings to stop, the Lebanese troops then fired at the Israeli forces who then returned fire. As Unifil ­ now strengthened as an international force after the end of last summer's Lebanon war ­ sought to mediate, the Israeli military said that it was not aware of any injuries, although there were unconfirmed reports of Lebanese troops being wounded.'

Uncomfirmed by whom? Well by the I"D"F presumably. Of course the headline does not state, accurately: 'Israelis claim they were attacked by Lebanese Army'.

In any case, I thought the Israelis had a problem with the mysterious country of Hizbollahstan, not the Arabic democracy of Lebanon? After all, the Israelis are desperate for democracy to take root in the Arabic world, so they can have a 'partner for peace'. I mean, consider how happy they were at the last Palestinian elections.


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 bombs on the sacred earth of eretz israel, that calls for what the he- manitarians describe as a proportionate response


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