Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Further comment would be superfluous

But safey to say that the following will happen in the next few months.

1: There will be no ceasefire in Lebanon.

2: The Israelis will occupy and begin to ethnically cleanse Lebanon up to the Litani river.

3: Iran and Syria's economies will become more and more entwined with Hizbollah (as Hizbollah will shortly begin to run out of ammunition and rockets, it will need resupplying from these two countries: specifically Iran. It will also need more money to pay feed and pay its fighters).

4. With the rest of the international community increasingly outraged at the behaviour of Israel, the US (and Britain) will become increasingly close to Israel (this is the meaning of Blair's constant reiterations that he will not leave office for another year. Blair will not leave office until Bush's plans for the Middle East have progressed to the point where there is no stopping them).

5: This will end in an attack on Iran by the US by 2008 at the latest.

Dan Plesch points out the obvious:

'American intentions towards Iran are fairly clear. If diplomacy and sanctions fail to halt Iran's nuclear ambitions then military force must be used. No one should be shocked that William Kristol, the neoconservative leader, has already called for a military strike on Iran in response to Hizbullah's attack on Israel.
Seymour Hersh's articles (for the New Yorker) claim that President Bush ordered war against Iran shortly after the President's re-election in 2004. His claim that Bush is determined not to leave Iran to a future president and that he has support from leading Democrats is born out by numerous conversations I have had with colleagues in Washington. As a senior staffer to Senator Kerry put it: "why should people object if we carry out disarmament militarily?"
There are plenty more reports that war with Iran is either underway or in preparation.'


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