Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mea Culpa

Yeah I know I haven't posted for ages, but I have been planning a long ish post about why my predictions about the Israel-Lebanon situation were so catastrophically inaccurate, and yet, (in typical dishonest blogger stylee) basically right after all. So again, apologies.

Meanwhile mull over this:

'THREATENED by a potentially nuclear-armed Tehran, Israel is preparing for a possible war with both Iran and Syria, according to Israeli political and military sources.
The conflict with Hezbollah has led to a strategic rethink in Israel. A key conclusion is that too much attention has been paid to Palestinian militants in Gaza and the West Bank instead of the two biggest state sponsors of terrorism in the region, who pose a far greater danger to Israel’s existence, defence insiders say...Advocates of political engagement believe a war with Syria could unleash Islamic fundamentalist terror in what has hitherto been a stable dictatorship. Some voices in the Pentagon are not impressed by that argument.
“If Syria spirals into chaos, at least they’ll be taking on each other rather than heading for Jerusalem,” said one insider. '

Yes Mr Insider, you are clearly a strategic genius. Why on earth would you not want to put your name to that insightful analysis? Stupid bastard.


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